PBL Pharma Division custom designed, built and successfully commissioned a machine for non-injectable products in capsules container with intermediate and/or top lead welding closure. The machine consists of air blowing and aspiration stations, nitrogen purging system, filling system, top lid welding system.
Every unit is fully integrated for maximum productivity.
The machine was designed according to the customer container type and the requirements for production controls.
Each production process uses state-of-the-art equipment.
The machine can be positioned in ISO 7 and ISO 5 area using validated process that are constantly monitored and controlled.

Main features

⦁ Customizable loading/unloading system
⦁ IPC control (100% or statistical)
⦁ CIP/SIP system
⦁ Air blowing and vacuum station available
More features
⦁ Different filling options available
⦁ Different container closure system available (eg. thermal welding, ultrasonic, high frequency, etc)
• Different monitoring functions (eg. Monitoring of fill volume, top lid integrity, etc)
• User-friendly and fast tool-free format change
• Custom-designed system

Machine Output

20 to 600 CpM

Compatible Containers

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