PBL Pharma Division offers an automatic filling and closing machine for RTF (Ready-to-Fill) syringes, cartridges and vials in Nest/Tub and. Our system can perform filling and closing on containers from 0.5 ml to 50 ml.
The machine has a compact and user-friendly interface.
A clever design of the RTF FILL and careful research of the materials guarantee the best performance and cleaning of the machine even with aggressive products.

Main features

⦁ Manual or automatic de-bagging unit
⦁ Manual or automatic de-lidding unit
⦁ Filling system with peristaltic pump (disposable) or piston filler
⦁ IPC (100% In-Process Control) with retroactive feedback to the dosing system
More features
⦁ Statistical IPC
⦁ Filling and closing system with nitrogen purging
⦁ Filling and closing system with vacuum process
⦁ Closing system with Alu-Cap with crimping system
⦁ Closing system with Press-Fit cap
⦁ Viscous product treatment upgrade
⦁ Suspension product treatment upgrade
⦁ Isolator or Laminar Air Flow integrated on the machine structure
⦁ User-friendly machine interface

Machine Output

30 to 400 PpM



Compatible Containers

Nested Glass Vials
Nested Glass Cartridge
Nested Glass Syringes

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