PBL Pharma division offers a machine for stacking Tubs, Nests and Trays in a sterile environment, with double bag insertion, equipped with cosmetic product controls, labeling and heat sealing.
The machine has a compact and user-friendly interface.
A clever design of the BAG-IN and careful research of the materials guarantee the best performance and cleaning of the machine even with aggressive products.

Main features

⦁ Extraction of products from injection machine using a robotic system
⦁ Product overturning
⦁ Cosmetic and dimensional control
⦁ Product stacking
More features
⦁ Pass Through for environmental class division
⦁ Envelope warehouse
⦁ Automatic labeling system
⦁ Cartesian system with telescopic handling gripper
⦁ Vacuum cycle
⦁ Bag sealing system
⦁ Laminar Air Flow integrated on the machine structure
⦁ User-friendly machine interface

Machine Output

4 to 20 Stack/Min



Compatible Containers

Nested Glass Vials
Nested Glass Cartridge
Nested Glass Syringes

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