Filling, stoppering, and sealing machine for small volume parenteral products (SVP)

This is a monoblock equipment custom designed to perform filling, stoppering, aluminum capping / flip-off sealing under isolator. Dedicated sensors monitor 100% of the production




Our Pharma Division offers custom designed automatic filling machines for SVP products. The machine is capable of filling, stoppering, and sealing glass vials (from 2R to 100R). The machine has a specific design that allows the handling of standard and cytotoxic products.
A clever design of the machine and careful research of the materials guarantee the best performance and cleaning of the machine even with aggressive products (including hydrogen peroxide H2O2).

Main features

⦁ Stand-alone or in-line version
⦁ Camera control for vial flange inspection
⦁ Camera control for vial bottom inspection
⦁ Filling system with peristaltic pump (disposable) or piston filler

More features

⦁ Integrated load cell system (IPC)
⦁ Oxygen sensor at the machine exit
⦁ Pressure cap insertion unit
⦁ Aluminium cap sealing unit
⦁ Isolator or Laminar Air Flow integrated on the machine structure
⦁ User-friendly machine interface

Machine Output

50 to 200 BpM

Compatible containers


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