Our Pharma Division offers an innovative and flexible inspection machine for PP/PE bottles.
The main goal was to create a machine capable of performing particle and cosmetic inspections all over the container surface. This has been possible thanks to a new neck handling system and two dedicated inspection stations supported by Artificial Intelligence.
Artificial Intelligence is the core of our machine: it allows to obtain an extremely accurate inspection of particle and cosmetic defects, and thus to overcome many past issues and/or false rejects (such as air bubbles, silk-screening on containers, aesthetic defects of the containers that are considered non-relevant).
The handling flexibility provided by the automated neck handling system avoids any bottle-to-bottle contact, thus preserving the integrity and quality of the containers by preemptively eliminating any source of defects. These features, together with an extremely compact design, make VISIO a unique modular machine.

Main features

⦁ No bottle-to-bottle contact
⦁ Neck handling direct drive gripper
⦁ Heavy particles inspection station (side A)
⦁ Heavy particles inspection station (bottom)

More features

⦁ Light particles inspecton station 1
⦁ Light particles inspecton station 2
⦁ Light particles inspecton station 3
⦁ Body cosmetic control
⦁ Cap control
⦁ Heavy particles inspection station (side B)
⦁ Automatic rejection unit
⦁ Neck handling conveyor
⦁ Rear illumination system
⦁ Back illumination system 

Machine Output

50 to 300 BpM

Compatible Containers


Other Solutions


Artificial Intelligence Technology

Thanks to our proprietary AI-technology we are able to offer the unmatched ability to recognize, in real time, the presence of particle defects and leaks in both rigids and flexible containers.

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