innovation is in our DNA

Our roots

PBL is based in Parma, in the heart of the Packaging Valley, the district of advanced mechanics and industrial automation in Emilia-Romagna, Italy.

The roots of our values lie in this territory, in its tradition, in its excellence. Here is where our passion, which pushes us to achieve what we believe in, was born.

The Beginning

Everything started in 1979, from Franco Serventi’s idea, and from his ability to look for innovative solutions to every problem.

Experience, wit, and passion for his work are the skills that made him from a simple employee into an entrepreneur. His desire for innovation led to the production of the first machines for the pharmaceutical, chemical, and consumer industries.

A growing mission

In 2002, the second generation of the family joins the company. Marco Serventi starts working side by side with his father, sharing his passion for technology, research, and innovation. The first robotized lines are put into production, and the company expands its premises up to 12 thousand sq.m.

The company enters the list of qualified suppliers for the biggest multinationals in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and consumer sectors.

Technology and innovation

Continuous research and development are the core of our growing company, allowing it to become a worldwide reference point for custom industrial automation, but also to implement the most advanced techniques of Artificial Intelligence and robotics, to achieve new goals, and look further and further ahead.

Our future

From today to the future

Thanks to the acquisition of important companies complementary to the current production of the company, PBL has been able to further expand its flexibility in production capabilities. The experience gained in over 40 years of technological research has allowed PBL to consolidate its position in the markets of interest, gaining the trust of new customers around the world.
The new expansion and modernization of the headquarters marks a new beginning in the age of technology.