PBL Healthcare Division has developed a software for WoundViewer – an innovative medical device that allows monitoring, documentation and classification of injury in just 2 minutes, compared to the average of 20 minutes required for the same process without WoundViewer.
WoundViewer is the very first technology that can automatically provide the operator with all clinical parameters to assess and monitor pathological conditions of skin ulcers. Specific parameters of wounds like tissue segmentation, ulcer classification, area extension, volume, and depth are securely shared among medical practitioners.

Monitored Parameters

⦁ Area
⦁ Granulation Tissue
⦁ Depth
⦁ 3D Reconstruction
More features

⦁ Treatment Traceability
⦁ Evolution Monitoring
⦁ Alert System to prevent clinical complications

Main features

⦁ AI Neural Network Image Processing Software
⦁ Integrated training procedure
⦁ Ergonomic handle
⦁ Statistical analysis
⦁ Custom front and back ends
⦁ Cloud platform

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