Packaging Line

Cartoner and Wrap Around case packer line for Nespresso Capsules

The integrated line has been designed to create the final packaging for Nespresso capsules

Packaging Line

Packaging Line


PBL Consumer Division offers an automatic Cartoner and Wrap Around case packer for capsules. The Cartoner and Wrap Around are an electronic intermittent Cartoner and Wrap Around case packer, designed specifically for packaging thermoformed capsules, heat-sealed “flow-wrap” packaging, pouches, and various other products with different shapes. Its modular design allows for seamless integration with different types of equipment for product feeding or placement at the exit of diverse machines, accommodating products organized on single or multiple lines. The machines versatility enables the creation of various capsule layouts within the box and/or final packaging, tailored to meet customer requirements. Additionally, its exclusive feeding system, featuring a Pick & Place group, facilitates multi-layer case filling to adapt to changing production demands. Ideal for integration into comprehensive production lines across diverse industries such as food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals, the Cartoner and Wrap Around case packer offers unmatched flexibility and reliability.

Main features

• Different capsules format can be treated
• Different case/box format can be treated
• Manual or automatic case/box loading unit
• IPC (100% In-Process Control)

More features

• Statistical IPC
• Camera control
• Closing system with Hot Melt glue
• Leaflet insertion
• Capsules separator insertion
• Interlayer insertion
• User-friendly machine interface

Machine Output

10 to 60 Box/min

Compatible containers


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